Oars Shafts Construction

Monday25 September 2017

Shaft Construction

  • BRAČA-SPORT® Oar Sleeves
BRAČA-SPORT® technology guaranties the weigh for specific set of sculls and sweep oars, with a variance of no more than ± 5 g (0.005 kg, 0.011 lb, 0.1764 oz).
  • BRAČA-SPORT® Ultra Light
BRAČA-SPORT® Ultra Light (Yellow band) is our most advanced and sophisticated design and represents the highest level of technology offered by BRAČA-SPORT. They have the highest level of performance characteristics. This is achieved by using our proprietary multi-layer and multi-characteristic lay-up methods of our own proprietary 100% pure high modulus carbon (HMC) fabrics.
  • BRAČA-SPORT® Standard
BRAČA-SPORT® Standard (Red band) is an advanced design and a unique material combination that has the highest possible impact resistance and durability. They are lower in carbon content and 20% heavier than the Ultra Light type. This is a good choice for club or scholastic programs where durability and performance are a key factor.
  • BRAČA-SPORT® Recreational
BRAČA-SPORT® Recreational (Green band) is a unique design that reduces carbon content to 40% and continues to provide excellent performance characteristics. They maintain high impact resistance and weigh only 11% more that the Standard type. This is a cost effective solution for the casual and recreational rower.

Weight ranges of each performance category:
   Ultra LightStandardRecreational
Sculls 1.40 - 1.50 kg
3.09 - 3.30 lb
1.60 - 1.80 kg
3.53 - 3.97 lb
1.90 - 2.00 kg
4.19 - 4.41 lb
Sweeps 2.40 - 2.60 kg
5.29 - 5.73 lb
2.60 - 3.00 kg
5.73 - 6.61 lb


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