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Saturday15 June 2024

Company Overview

BRAČA-SPORT® mission and philosophy is to design, develop and produce the best performing scull and sweep oars for every rower and crew. Our scull and sweep oars have been designed using the latest technologies available, inspired by the comments and in collaboration with some of the world's most successful rowers and coaches.

All our product designs are based on the modular platform. BRAČA-SPORT® framework of the separate components forming homogeneous unit has been extensively researched and tested and has been proven to be the very best available method for strength, balance, durability and overall ‘in water’ performance.

We were the first to develop a unique blade molding system to protect the internal foam from water penetration and provide extra strength and rigidity to the oar. This exclusive high quality system provides maximum durability and outstanding impact protection in comparison to conventional composite blades which have exposed foam core on the open edge and are vulnerable to damage and the inevitable penetration of water. Our seamless “fitted into the shaft” blade design provides the best possible connection between the blade and the shaft enabling them to work as one homogenous unit. All BRAČA-SPORT® blades meet and exceed current FISA safety standards.

As of today BRAČA-SPORT® is still the only manufacturer to engineer and produce its own carbon fabrics and oars. This provides the ability to produce a very specific and fine grain unidirectional high modulus carbon (HMC) fabric layers in contrast to what is available in the market. The diverse range of specific and fine grain materials is the key improvement enabler of the oar's performance characteristics.

Together our unique combination of proprietary multi-characteristic and multi-layer composite fiber lay-up techniques and consolidation methods using a special epoxy resin and gelcoat with UV protection through high temperature (160°C) and pressure polymerization provides the ultimate mechanical and kinetic capabilities. This enables desired catch, drive, extraction, and recovery during the stroke and guaranties these characteristics for every scull and sweep oar produced; yielding the world’s first mechanical energy "BRAČA-SPORT®" oar.

Over the last twenty years BRAČA-SPORT® has received numerous worldwide patents for a variety of technologies and processes and our goal is to continue to research, develop and create a diverse range of products that will remain satisfying to the huge variety of the world’s rowers.

BRAČA-SPORT® Americas headquarters are located in Howard Hughes Center (Nevada), servicing customers in North, Central and South America and Caribbean’s. We also have Test and Service Centers in Boston Massachusetts, Miami Florida, Greenwich Connecticut, New York, Oklahoma City and Craftsbury Vermont.


BRACA-SPORT® Rowing – a world’s leading composite sport equipment manufacturer and the only company to engineer and produce carbon fabrics and oars.