Service Painting Blades

Saturday15 June 2024

Painting Blades

BRAČA-SPORT® oar blades finished in yellow or white epoxy gelcoat. To paint your oar blades follow the instructions bellow:
  1. To achieve the best results, blades should be painted when the temperature is between 20 - 26.5°C (70 - 80°F) and the humidity below 65%.
  2. Sand the blades thoroughly using 400-grit sandpaper until all the gloss is gone, rinse and let dry. This roughs up the surface of the gelcoat and gives the paint a surface for adherence. Do not sand off the yellow or white gelcoat.
  3. Apply a thin top coat of paint formulated for epoxy gelcoat. Always check manufacturer’s instructions to verify compatibility and suitability.
  4. Dry it according to instructions of the paint manufacturer.
  5. Apply 3 to 4 more coats; allowing to dry as specified in step 3 between each coat.

Graphic Films
  1. Clean with “Denatured Alcohol”. Do not send.
  2. Apply the graphic film per manufacturer’s instructions.


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