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Saturday15 June 2024

Macon Blade

  • BRAČA-SPORT® Macon Blade
BRAČA-SPORT® Macon Blade is an all time classic and has been used by rowers for many years. This blade is still preferred by recreational rowers and is a very good learning tool for novice rowers, helping them to focus on basic boat moving skills and will teach them how to row better.

The main performance characteristics of Macon Blade are:

• central spine
• symmetric "tulip" shape

The pitch of the Macon Blade can be adopted to suit your needs between 0° and +7°. It can be specified at the time of the order. Please contact your dealer for details.
    BRAČA-SPORT® Macon Blade Dimensions

Macon Blade Pitch

Available Options and Technical Parameters:

   Surface area
in widest place
Sculls 16 653/101.2 50.0/19.29 16.0/6.30 0° to +7
17 690/107.0 50.0/19.29 17.0/6.69 0° to +7
18 723/112.1 50.0/19.29 18.0/7.09 0° to +7
Sweeps 20 935/144.9 56.5/22.24 20.0/7.87 0° to +7
21 991/153.6 57.0/22.44 21.0/8.27 0° to +7


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