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Thursday18 July 2024

Sharp Blade

  • BRAČA-SPORT® Fusion Blade
BRAČA-SPORT® Sharp Blade product line is the original world's first elliptical 3-dimensional innovative blade shape and was designed using advance kinetic, bio-mechanical and material science concepts. The key concepts of revolutionary blade design are in the 3-dimensional curved shape and thickness of the blade and in the position and geometry of the spline. The edge of the spline is running parallel under the level of the blade edges. The thickness of the Sharp Blade is at the minimum level permitted by current FISA rules. The result is an extremely well balanced, double spooned blade with excellent aero and hydro dynamics.

The main performance characteristics of Sharp Blade are:

•  extremely high rowing efficiency throughout the entire stroke
•  smooth (water) catch and recovery
•  ideal stability during the stroke
•  low air drag

The pitch of the Sharp Blade can be adopted to suit your needs between 0° and +7°. It can be specified at the time of the order. Please contact your dealer for details.
    BRAČA-SPORT® Sharp Blade Dimensions

Sharp Blade Pitch

Available Options and Technical Parameters:

   Surface area
in widest place
Sculls Min 759/117.6 45.0/17.72 20.5/8.07 0° to +7
Max 809/125.4 46.5/18.31 21.5/8.27 0° to +7
Sweeps Min 1062/164.6 56.5/22.24 23.5/9.25 0° to +7
Max 1162/180.1 57.5/22.64 24.5/9.65 0° to +7


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