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Thursday19 September 2019

Gold Medal at European Championships in Women's Double Sculls

  • The Lithuanian women's double sculls, Donata Vistartaite and Milda Valciukaite pose at the 2013 European Rowing Championships in Seville, Spain

Congratulations to Donata Vistartaite and Milda Valciukaite for winning gold medal in women’s double scull at European Championships in Seville, Spain!  The two young women presented a perfect race, wich was - as the commentator put it - a "beautiful exhibition of sculling." They crossed the finish line with and impressive lead using our new Double Wing blade oars.

Watch the race on FISA website


Bronze Medal for Braca Fusion Blade at European Championships

Congratulations to Donata Vistartaite winning bronze medal in a women’s single scull at European Championships in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.




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